Looking Glass

The Looking Glass provides expanded, drill-down information relative to backbone routing and efficiency of the network, namely Traceroute, Ping and BGP information.

A more detailed explanation of the options is provided as follows:

  • Traceroute allows a user to follow a packet through the network to a specific destination. It shows the domain, IP address, and the roundtrip packet times probes as it traces the route to the destination.

  • Ping can be used to show whether or not a device with a valid internet address or domain name can return packets sent to it by a specified server.

  • BGP tool shows the BGP routing table used for a given route on the GTT core network.

Most of the routers within the GTT core Network are Juniper routers. The queries will be automatically translated into Juniper commands, however the output resulting from your query will remain in Juniper style.

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